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About STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the fields that are shaping our future, but they also shaped our past. These interconnected disciplines are some of humankind’s first achievements.

* Before humans invented farming, they were already making advancements in engineering, developing new tools and structures that allowed our species to advance.

* Science, in its rudimentary stages, allowed us to begin to heal the sick, contributing to longer lifespans.

* Evidence of basic mathematics goes back to the Stone Age, when our human ancestors began keeping records.

* And technology, in all of its many facets, is what propelled humanity to the become the dominant species on the planet.

In essence, the STEM fields defined what it meant to be human.

Science & Health

Science covers a broad range of disciplines. From healthcare to astrophysics, science has an ever-expanding job market. With an explosion of new information, inventions, and industry-changing innovations being made on a near-daily basis, now is the time to have all hands on deck.


In a single generation, new advancements in technology have completely reinvented our way of life. Even the most imaginative science fiction writers couldn’t imagine what the 21st century would really look like. The exciting news is that the pace hasn’t slowed, and it’s not likely that it will any time soon.


Do you want to further human exploration of space? What about creating new modes of transportation that reduce fatalities on an unprecedented scale? Or how about shaping the future of human societies to help everyone lead a meaningful existence? Engineering manifests in dozens of different fields, each one leaving a vital impact on the human experience.


There’s never been a more exciting time to go into the mathematics fields. Everything in our world is driven by data, and that data needs to be collected, analyzed, and put to use. Finances and economics are vital forces that our modern society wholly depends on.

Everyone going into the STEM fields will have a hand in shaping the very fabric of our future.